Adam Warski

21 Oct 2008

Envers 1.1.0.GA released


Today Envers 1.1.0.GA has been released. For the impatient: go straight to the downloads! :) This release contains only minor modifications from the last beta version. You can see the release notes for this version here, and combined release notes for all 1.1.0 versions here.

The main emphasis of this release is support for persistent collections. You can now version any relation, collections of “simple” types, maps, etc. All collection mappings defined by JPA are now supported, and most of what Hibernate additionally allows also. One exception is that collections of components won’t yet work, and the second exception is described here.

There are also improvements to the revision-of-entity query. You can now easily retrieve the history of an entity along with the revision metadata (like the date when a revision was commited) using a single query. See here for details.

Both demos have been updated to use the newest version of Envers. The wiki part of the Seam demo is additionally enhanced by adding a set of links (String-s) to each wiki page (of course this set of links is also versioned).

All comments, negative or positive, are as always very welcome on the forum. Thanks to all contributors and forum users, who have been very helpful in finding bugs and designing new features! :)


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