Adam Warski

4 Dec 2008

Envers in Anvers!


December came, so it’s time for Devoxx! (formerly JavaPolis)

If you are planning to visit Antwerp this year, make sure to come and see the Envers presentation (first conference day, 3pm)! I will explain the basic concepts, how to use various parts of the library as well as show some use-cases. Also, if you have any questions or suggestions, it will be a great opportunity to meet :).

As you may already know, Envers is now a Hibernate core module. There is no official Hibernate release yet available with Envers included, but I’ve uploaded a preview jar, which will work fine with Hibernate 3.3.x. The migrated documentation is also avialable in html and pdf formats on the site. If you spot any errors, or find some information missing, please let me know! For Maven2 users, a snapshot of Hibernate-3.4.0 (which includes Envers) is deployed to the jboss snapshots repository (located here, instructions here).

Main changes in this preview release:

  • renaming of “versioning” to “auditing”, so now there is @Audited instead of @Versioned etc.
  • support for joined and table-per-class inheritance; this completes the JPA mappings supported
  • improved query API, extending the possibilities of specifying restrictions on revision properties
  • correct support for field and property access

As always, waiting for feedback on the forums!

Enjoy! :)

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