Adam Warski

2 May 2011

Envers & TorqueBox on RivieraJUG – May 6th


This Friday (6th of May) I will have the pleasure to present two talks: one on Envers and one on Torquebox, thanks to an invitation from the RivieraJUG.

Envers is a data auditing/versioning module of Hibernate; with a single @Audited annotation all changes to the selected entity will be written and available for easy retrieval.

TorqueBox, which recently reached version 1.0, is a JBoss-based Ruby server, integrating the Ruby and Java worlds. JBoss services are exposed using Ruby APIs, and you can deploy both Ruby (including Ruby On Rails) and “traditional” JEE apps to the server.

Expect a lot of live demos! I will show how to use the basic functionalities of Envers to implement data auditing, some advanced features as well as how Envers maps data to its database schema. I will also roughly explain how Envers is built and what is needed to “build your own Envers” – it’s not as complicated as it looks, Hibernate offers a lot of not-well-known but powerful features.

In the Torquebox talk, we will create a simple Ruby On Rails application and deploy it to Torquebox. Later, we will add a java module which contains CDI beans (CDI is the new dependency injection framework in JEE6) and integrate the Ruby On Rails app with our CDI beans. Also, we will create a simple scheduler service using Torquebox’s API and an integration test of java module using Arquillian.

The meeting will be held at INRIA Sophia-Antipolis on 6pm. See the announcement for details.

And see you there! :)

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