Adam Warski

13 Jun 2011

After Confitura 2011

dependency injection

Confitura 2011 went past very quickly, it was a great conference and a great occasion to meet with the polish Java community on the SPOINA after-party.

During the conference I had the opportunity to present two talks.

The first, done together with Tomek Szymański was an introduction to cloud computing using Amazon Web Services. We’ve explained how the basic services that Amazon offers (servers, load balancing, databases, queueing) work, and then did a live demo transforming a traditional hosted-server+JMS+JPA application into a version which uses EC2+SQS+SimpleDB. During the presentation we simulated heavy load on our application and started a couple of servers using the EC2 API to show that it scales nicely.

The full code of the (pretty simple) application used in the presentation is available here:, and the slides (in polish) are here:

The second presentation was about CDI Portable Extensions. First I did an introduction to CDI and then explained the idea behind Portable Extensions. The main part of the presentation was a live demo, where I showed how to create two extensions:

  • dynamic alternatives – the extension was adding and removing the @Alternative annotation at run-time basing on some configuration file, allowing the application to dynamically choose an implementation of the bean that should be used
  • dynamically creating beans which check if methods on a secure bean (secured with an interceptor) can be invoked (allowing the programmer to inject CanAccess<MyBean>)

Again, the full code of the demo extensions is available on GitHub: and the slides (in polish) here:

And finally, a huge “thank you” to all of the conference organizers (Łukasz Lenart, Bartek Zdanowski, Tomek Szymański, Michał Margiel, Paweł Wrzeszcz, Sebastian Pietrowski and Jacek Laskowski), volunteers, sponsors and participants for putting together a great event!


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