Adam Warski

1 Jun 2011

CDI Portable Extensions on Confitura 2011


In less than two weeks (11th June) I will have the opportunity to present a talk on CDI & Portable Extensions during the Confitura 2011 conference, organized by the Warsaw JUG.

The talk will consist mainly of live demos, so fun! :)

I will show how to create two portable extensions:

  • one which dynamically chooses which bean implementation will be available to the application
    • second which creates new CDI (injectable) beans at startup, exposing some of the other bean meta-data

    as well as how to implement “AOP++”. All tested with Arquillian.

    All of the examples used in the talk are backed by real-life use-cases from applications created by my company, SoftwareMill.

    The registration is over, but the conference is free, so if you know polish and will be in Warsaw, you are welcome to join!


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